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Defining Storytelling on Mobile...

From campfires to virtual reality, storytelling has always been an integral part of the human experience. However, no one has really figured out how to make the best stories for a world that’s connected by mobile devices. We want to change that.

Launched by Pocket Gems in 2014 with backing from Sequoia Capital and Tencent, Episode is defining storytelling for the modern mobile generation by taking the best parts from film, novels, TV and more.

Deeper Dive into a Couple Episode Functions


We build the platform that is Episode. This includes Episode Studio, our story creation tools, which gives a voice to millions all over the world who want to bring visually rich interactive stories to life on mobile. This also includes Episode on iOS and Android and ensuring we continue to scale across billions of Episode views and millions of viewers, delivering the right story at the right moment anywhere in the world.

Shaping storytelling for the next generation presents a series of technical challenges across web and mobile. We talk to and support each other as we tackle these challenges, and we work across teams, shaping the product for our creators and viewers.

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Episode Originals

We create the stories for our internal studio, which is shaping what it means to tell a story to the billions of smartphone users around the world. Our Episode Originals are based on hit Hollywood stories and celebrities as well as developing entirely new characters and worlds. We also work with Episode creators to add new stories each day to our network, getting to the next billion episodes read.

By being on mobile, we measure immediate reactions from viewers to every line, scene, and choice that we can use as we revise our stories. And as opposed to the hierarchy in more traditional entertainment, we created a flat structure where each story lead makes the creative decisions that are right for their stories. We believe a safe and trusting space free of fear is the foundation for exceptional creativity. Past TV and film projects some of us have lead or worked on story for include Pretty Little Liars, General Hospital, Vampire Diaries, Shrek, Penguins of Madagascar, Awkward, Jane the Virgin, All My Children, and One Life to Live.

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Art & Animation

We create characters, outfits, animations and background environments to populate stories developed by the internal studio and to support millions of creators in making their own stories.

The art and animation team members come from top studios in the entertainment industry, including film, television and AAA game companies.

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Financial Perks

Competitive salaries, a 401k plan, meaningful equity and commuter benefits are all some of the perks at Pocket Gems. Plus we cover 100% of employee health insurance premiums and 75% for partners and families.

Choose Your Gear

Trick out your computer and workspace – Mac, PC, one monitor, two monitor, red monitor, blue monitor. Want a bean bag chair and a standing desk? That’s a weird combo, but go for it!

Contribute to the Office

Every new employee gets $100 to contribute to the new office. Past purchases include 3D printers, massage chairs and floating sharks (don’t ask).

Awesome Events

We throw killer parties – from our annual Halloween bash where everyone dresses up, to building boats made of cardboard to our quarterly team outings, we love having fun together!

Amazing Vacation Policy

We’re strong proponents of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and a big part of that is vacation. As such, we don’t believe in keeping track of vacation days.

Parental Leave

Our parental leave policy is better than most on the market and we also work closely with parents on flexible hours to make schedules that work for them.

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