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About Episode

What is Episode ?

The Episode app is a mobile storytelling network and platform. Episode features interactive Hollywood-caliber stories built from the ground up for mobile, not the passive entertainment of TV and movies. In Episode, your choices decide the path of your story.

There have been over 9+ billion episodes viewed on Episode so far. We’ve also opened up our storytelling platform and have the world’s largest community of interactive stories and storytellers, with over 12 million registered creators and 150,00 stories. Starting in 2020, Episode can also be read in 6 languages with more to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Over 80 people with backgrounds from tech, television, film, publishing, games, and more!

Episode launched in 2014.  Since then, we have been steadily growing on all fronts, including being one of the top 35 grossing apps on the Apple App Store.

These six Episode Originals give a sense of the evolution of storytelling on Episode since our launch in 2014:

  1. Campus Crush (2014). This highlights our very first story, with our initial art style and visual direction at our launch.

  2. Demi Lovato: Path to Fame (2015). We partnered with Demi Lovato, a Pixar alum, and some great writers to develop this story.  We created a new art style, and pushed our bar on visual storytelling.  In particular, the concert scene in Episode 3 will give you a sense of what we started to experiment with mid-2015.  We then released this new art style to all of our creators, who have put out some truly amazing stories in it!

  3. Mean Girls: Sorority Rush (2016).  This was our second story in Girl World, following Mean Girls: Senior Year, which we created with Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith (co-writer of hit movies Legally Blond and Ten Things I Hate About You).  The story takes you to college with the Regina, Gretchen, Karen, Janis, Damian and more.  Visually, we started doing more with animation, layering, and establishing shot angles in early 2016.

  4. Pretty Little Liars (Late 2016). We partnered with Warner Brothers to bring Pretty Little Liars to mobile at the end of 2016.  We created a brand new art style and explored new tricks with lighting, background effects, sound design, and scene layout to create suspense and mystery.

  5. The Baby Project (2018): One of our most successful stories in a turn to focus more on in-house, original storylines. The Baby Project takes place in a high school setting and centers around themes familiar to many, including the teenage woes of getting graded for taking care of a fussy baby doll. 

  6. Love Life (2018): Another hit Episode original, this story brought us to the next level of visual complexity. It introduced both new physical features to make each character unique, as well as advanced background and animation effects. It takes entirely place in New York City, allowing our readers to experience first hand many of its iconic landmarks.

The next wave of entertainment will undeniably be interactive, whether it's virtual reality, augmented reality, or an Episode story. Episode is the mobile storytelling component of the inevitable interactive entertainment wave.

For a generation that grew up without smartphones, passive entertainment like television and movies made sense. But now we have a generation who has grown up entirely with smartphones and expects to be an active participant in their entertainment.  Whether it’s sending images to friends, posting and commenting on social media, or creating a piece of video content, they are used to being part of the story. Episode is perfect for this audience since they can step into stories themselves as well as make their own. It’s interactive and immersive from start to finish.

Like video led to the rise of streamers, or social media gave way to a new kind of celebrity, Episode has formed a new class of creator. Episode’s 12 million creators are making long-form narrative stories with unique worlds. Because our content is episodic in nature (like TV), our creators build worlds and form significant connections with their audiences that go deeper than simply liking a photo or video.

People have completed over 7 billion episodes to date. We crunched some numbers and that’s over 97,000 years spent inside the app.

We have over 5 million weekly active users.


There are over 100,000 stories and counting on Episode.

Anyone who loves to read and write and is looking for a new to do so. To learn more about becoming a creator, check out our Episode Studio.

Our stories come from three main sources: Episode creators, professional writers, and our internal studio, which creates Episode Originals.